Future Summit 2019


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Data: 28 Noiembrie 2019, 13:30 Joi


The Future is always about transformation. That is why, at the 4th edition of the Innovations for Tomorrow Conference, we also transform ourselves into Future Summit. A space for conversations about innovation, future trends and technology's impact on society. A gathering of ideas, leaders and innovators for a better Future. A meeting of the wonderers, the action-oriented and the forward-thinkers.

Future Summit is an invitation based event. We do have limited seats for external participants. You may register here: https://ove.ro/future-summit-2019

Join us on 28 November at Palatul Universul for the 2019 journey into the Future: We look at how AI and automation are transforming industries and business models. What are the implications of the Climate Crisis and solutions for cleaner mobility and cities. How the Future of Work and Education is about computers and hearts. And how Bucharest could look in 2030. And, of course, what living longer means for all of us.

More on the agenda and speakers here: https://future-summit.org


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