Startup Spotlight 2020 Grand Finale


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Data: 4 Decembrie 2020, 16:00 Vineri


Welcome to Startup Spotlight 2020 Grand Finale, the online pitching event closing the matchmaking program and competition for startups Startup Spotlight 2020.
Grab your free ticket here: and see you online!
Startup Spotlight 2020 is about:
winning a €225.000 investment prize
having 1-to-1 private meetings with investors & experts
getting international press coverage & €1M in free benefits
After 2 months of hard work, including 1000+ individual mentoring and pitching meetings, and conversations with some of the stars of the tech world, Startup Spotlight will end with a Grand Finale online pitching event.
The Grand Finale rules are simple: the best 10 out of the 40 startups will qualify for pitching in front of an audience of investors, potential business partners and supporters, the winner takes the full 225.000 EUR investment award.
Here's where you can find out everything about Startup Spotlight 2020, including interviews with founders, mentors and investors, program updates and, of course, the winners of the pitching competition.


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