Dirtyclub Music Showcase In the park


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Data: 27 Iulie 2019, 23:00 Sâmbătă
Preț: 0 - 45 - 50 lei


Dirtyclub Music Showcase, by Antonio Pica, is coming to Romania, for the very first time, and is bringing to you some good summer vibes, alongside fresh air, and beautiful people.

Antonio Pica DJ   -  (OWNER OF DIRTYCLUB MUSIC) born in 1991 in Naples.
Alberto Cristian - Borned in Bucharest, Romania, 1993, it all started for him with the passion for electronic music in the summer of 2007.
 Warm-up and pre-main set : Alberto Cristian b2b Catalin Sima  [23:00 - 03:00]
Main set : Antonio Pica [03:00 - END]
 Event Fee
45 Ron before 01:00 
 50 Ron After 01:00 

Accesul se va face pe baza de bratari, la intrarea in locatie. [Tickets at the door]

Don't drink and drive
After 18 age allowed


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