Plantaround Festival 2021


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Data: 18 - 20 Iunie 2021
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Evenimentul:Plantaround Festival 2021
Începutul evenimentului:18 Iunie 2021


ooted into the green values of the Be Underground community, Plantaround
is an idea that has seeded into our minds a few years ago. If electronic music has the power to bring like-minded people together, what if we use this to shift one’s awareness from the cities we live in back to the nature? Using our passion for music, several environment focused actions and events will take place this year, calling for anyone interested in volunteering for planting trees and cleaning up the woods.
3 days of fun 2 stages
Mind bending art installations
Food court Chill area
Details will follow shortly.
Stage 1:
Christopher Ledger
Dan Andrei
Petre Inspirescu
|more artists coming soon|
This is where our mission begins: to explore Bucharest’s contrasts through the electronic music lens. Bringing legends right next to the young blood, combining analog and digital, confronting Latin origins with Anglo-Saxon influences, reimagining dance floors. Life-lasting memories into contemporary urbanscapes.
For this we have prepared a perfectly balanced line-up, spread over three days: what Romania has best to offer when it comes to infinite visceral loops, combined with a tastefully spiced mix of Western avant-garde.
We’ve taken some time to find the right spot for it: close to the heart of the city, but with that outdoor festival feel in mind. Complex Silva
seems to have it all: a huge backyard, surrounded by trees, right next to the lake and overlooking Bucharest’s skyline. And when you need to take a break from the main stage’s crystal-clear sound system, you may please your hunger with a food selection made to satisfy a wide range of tastes, then hide into the shades of our 2nd stage or just chill for a bit under the pleasant June sun.
Custom tailored packages (accommodation close to the festival + festival access + airport transfer) available on email request.
Full festival pass:
Early bird - 100 RON | limited amount
Age restriction 18+


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