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Data: 4 Decembrie 2020, 10:00 Vineri


Missing the office days?
It’s no surprise that we all miss the interaction we had with our colleagues and the fun little moments of the everyday life at the office. Human interaction is part of the things that make us happy. Office life is not only about work, but also about being part of a community. And it was only after we started working from home that we truly discovered its importance.
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Our guests this Friday, December 4th, are SMOLIK / KEV FOX
, an eclectic duo comprising the hugely talented Polish producer Andrzej Smolik and genre-defying British singer-songwriter Kev Fox. Their music is a mix of Smolik’s intricately constructed, melancholic melodies combined with Kev's unique, powerful and mesmerizing vocals to take on a completely new energy.


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