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Data: 19 Iulie 2019, 22:00 Vineri


Highly anticipated all nighter in company of local heroes and visionaries:

Khidja (DFA Records, Malka Tuti / RO)

The Khidja project started in the 10th grade, in the backyard of their German High School. They found the name Khidja by stumbling upon an old record by the legendary band Mandrill, which included a track with that same name. If you listen to Mandrill – Khidja, you will find yourself embarking on an adventure where genres intertwine, latin meets prog and funk meets jazz. This fusion of styles is what Khidja is all about and over time their sound is continuously changing and transforming – jumping from era to era and genre to genre.

While collecting and absorbing music from all over the world for many years they eventually found interest in the roots of their home country. Romania was under Turkish occupation around 1500AD and the Ottoman Empire left its mark with a lot of musical influences becoming deeply rooted in the local culture. Khidja’s sound was also inspired by this, the local Bucharest scene and the various Turkish proggy disco influences. It all went into a mix of middle-eastern electronic music with a nod towards organic sounds, synthesizers combined with cult instruments like setar, ney or saz and grungy guitars that are reminiscent of the krautrock era.

Platforma Wolff is a Summer pop-up venue championing well-curated sounds within the Halele Carol industrial complex. A place for all nighters and late mornings out in the open air. Acces through the Expirat terrace.

22:00 hours.
Martin Audio sound. Downstairs bar serving a wide selection of drinks.

There is no entrance fee. Please register in advance on the Facebook event through the Going/Reserve button in order to secure a spot on the guestlist. Capacity is limited to 75 people at a time. Guestlist has priority over unregistered guests.

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