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  • 14 Martie 2021 Duminică
  • 21 Martie 2021 Duminică
  • 28 Martie 2021 Duminică
  • 4 Aprilie 2021 Duminică
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Evenimentul:On Air • Guest Mix • Olivier Cavaller
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  • 7 Martie 2021 Duminică
  • 28 Februarie 2021 Duminică
  • 21 Februarie 2021 Duminică


Show streamed on the VRTW App and on www.vrtw.life
Each Sunday, we invite special Guests in our family. They won’t bring a bottle of wine this time, but a mix of joy and good vibes streamed directly to our shared living room. We’re grateful that this way we have the opportunity to bring new flavours to the VRTW sound.
For this episode we will stream a mix produced by: Olivier Cavaller ( De La Bonne Musique ).
Olivier Cavaller lives in and works from Perpignan in the south of France. He may be described as a man of many trades, DJ, Broadcaster (Le Mellotron, Campus FM, D59B,…), Musical Curator, Photographer… But he’s also known to be very hands-on and he’s admired for his aptitude to turn everything he touches to gold. Nothing and no one can resist him, especially not sound and its multiple facets. To describe his music, two key words come to mind: open and unspoilt. He opens the doors to Jazz, Hip-hop, Black music, Latin et Brazilian rhythms, finding room for all and more. He is an extraordinary musical time-traveller whose horizon line is that of a universe where all mixtures are imaginable... His creed, everything… but « De la bonne Musique »!
VRTW ON AIR: We bring out the best in people
We are airing meaningful musical tales through DJ shows that speak the language of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Disco and World Music. Through the work of our resident and guest producers you will discover sounds that make a happy heart.
VRTW ON AIR is a free online radio & mobile app built on the community and family of artists brought together through 5 years of Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine events and community building. Most of our shows are DJ mixes, some of them authentic recordings from our events. Sometimes we host live shows so that our public can feel the energy from the behind the decks even if they are not there.
We are always open to guests and we work closely together with labels in order to provide meaningful content to our listeners.


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