Praslesh, Stoi



Data: 4 Februarie 2023, 23:00 Sâmbătă


Imagine this: Praslea and Raresh's brainpower, with our warm, accurate sound system and 360-degree immersive visuals. Sounds like a dream come true, one that will keep the crowd hooked for hours.
Stoi, an up-and-coming DJ, will open the evening with a set from 11 pm. His tracks have been long played at music festivals and clubs across the scene.


Opening hours: 23:00.
Tickets info: 50 lei <00:00> 70 lei. Tickets sold at the door.
FREE for active membership card owners.
Apply for membership:

No-photo clubbing policy. Focus on the music and the moment.
We reserve the right to select our audience.

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