Psychosounds Fest 2019


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Data: 25 - 26 Octombrie 2019


"Psychosounds Fest" returns in 2019 with another edition, with the same dark ambience but two different nights : Friday 25.10 - "The Crimson Night" and Saturday 26.10 - "The Pagan Night". The bands will be announced step by step. The Festival host will be "Quantic Club" Bucharest.

Stay close for fresh news about bands, tickets and other surprises !

"The Crimson Night" Friday 25.10.2019 :
TOTHEM - Rome (I) - Melodic Metal
STONELIGHT - Bucuresti (RO) - Melodic Heavy Metal

"The Pagan Night" 26.10.2019 :
GRAVELAND - Wroclaw (PL) - Black, Pagan, Viking metal
FOLKHEIM - Ethnic Black Metal (Santiago, Chile)
MALPRAXIS - Cluj-Napoca (RO) - Brutal Death Metal

An event produced and organised by "Rusidava Management & Psychosounds Music S.R.L.", with kindly hosting of the "Quantic Club" Bucharest.

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