Techno 2Night presents Chronicles Ed. II: ReConnection /// Los Bastoneros / Oleg / Kopane



Data: 25 Noiembrie 2022, 23:00 Vineri


Fri. 25.11
Our story together continues as we present to you the 2nd edition of Chronicles - "Reconnection".
This new chapter will bring to the table new exciting characters, amazing experiences and in a place that some of you might find familiar, this time also with an extended schedule .
We will rediscover together once more, with one common quest: finding the long lost magic in our party souls and reconnecting with it, this time stronger than ever before!
So prepare yourselves for a journey that will tell who are the real party animals, for we can't and won't be stopped by any enemy, be it negative vibes or the light of day!
Join us in this mystical 12 hours adventure, guided by the sounds of:

Los Bastoneros:
Inspire and be inspired.

Starting time: 23:00
Online tickets: 35 RON

At the door: 50 RON

Don't drink and drive, be safe out there!
We reserve the right to select our clients.
No outside drinks or alcohol allowed.

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