The Mission Vgbdos 2020


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Data: 24 Iulie 2020, 22:00 Vineri


The event VGBDOS has been postponed to July 24th 2020. All the tickets purchased for the 3rd of April will be honoured for the rescheduled event.

Without the past, there is no future.
The Journey is our Life... the World is the Destination.

After long trips around the world, absorbing different cultures, Luciano and the Vagabundos family returns to Bucharest.

Since their first residency at Pacha Ibiza in 2010, the Vagabundos’ tempting atmosphere has become a byword for a blithe dancing celebration of the joy of life.
But Vagabundos is much more than a musical journey: it’s a lifestyle and a dream coming true for a generation of laid-back globe-trotters trusting in peace and harmony. Dance, music, and love can cure any pain of the spirit, and the most essential element of VGBDOS concept is the human being himself.

2019 was the year of a new moment for the Vagabundos tale: Thirteen Friday nights at the legendary Amnesia in Ibiza. Luciano, Audiofly, Reboot, Michel Cleis and Victor Stancov with their unique blend of fun-loving Techno and feverish Latin grooves will make history again in Bucharest.


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