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Tipul: Club
Mie - Sam:18:00 - 02:00

Informații de contact

Telefon: +40 742 101 999
Adresa: Splaiul Unirii, 160, Bucharest, Romania


Dance club & nightclub · Bar

Club • Listening Bar • Audiophile Hub

Club Guesthouse is the heart of Romania's underground electronic music.

Establishing ourselves as a club of reference both nationally and internationally, during almost a decade of experience, we continue to be a statement player while delivering only quality and restlessly investing in our dream. Guesthouse is a common hangout for cultured clubheads, audiophiles and artsy students coming to disconnect with our close friends, intricate electronic music and immersive visual trips around the clock. As time went by, Guesthouse became notorious for its never-ending parties, spectacular sets and unforgettable memories.

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